Eric Schlosser's Use Of Fast Food Summary

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Eric Schlosser begins by giving us an introduction on how fast food came to be, the first one obviously being McDonalds’s. He discussed how fast food has taken over American culture and revolutionized many more aspects than just food. He discusses how fast food can now be found everywhere in the world, schools, hospitals, and “every corner of the country.” The book is very fact- heavy. He uses these facts to validate his points. For example, he tells us that in 1970, Americans spent $6 billion on fast food, in 2001, $110 billion. He presents this numbers as a growing concern as now fast food is taking over the nation’s food industry. The author also makes an emphasis on the speed of the service keeps driving its sales. In class we discussed how one of the values driving fast food and the poor food industry was speed and convenience. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, a meal where you don’t even have to get out of your car to purchase and consume is as…show more content…
He provides many facts and statistics that prove the negative impact fats food has had on society, health, and the economy. He covers many aspects of fast food and is able to give the reader information to make better decisions in their lifestyles: do not eat at fast food restaurants. The author makes a call to purchase locally and to take down fast food culture. Ultimately the book leaves you with a feeling of hopelessness. After I read the book I felt like society was doomed or that we couldn’t do anything to make a change. The book makes you feel like the system is too big to take down as corporations now have too much power and are too big. Hopefully this is just a feeling and not reality. Hopefully one day we can make fast food not be the majority of the food system. We can only try to improve and male changes to the system until we have reached a point where people see food as part of their health care and are able to make better-informed
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