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There are several Psychological theories that could contribute a path to delinquency. They include psychodynamic theory, the attachment theory, the moral development theory and the behavioral theory just to name a few. In researching information on Eric Smith, I believe he had several underlying issues that contributed to his violent senseless crime against a helpless little boy. I feel the lack of moral development was a huge factor that caused this youth to explode. Eric Smith was 13 years old, in 1993, when he murdered Derrick Robie, a 4-year-old little boy. Eric reportedly strangled and sodomized Derrick with a small stick. He also dropped large rocks on Derrick 's head. Eric was reported to have been bullied for his looks and had been…show more content…
Even the prosecuting attorney for his case stated, “I don’t doubt for a second, never have doubted, that had he not been caught, Eric Smith would have killed again,” (When Children Kill By: Diane Kratz Feb 11, 2013 Aside) According to Phil Chalmers, a teen violence and youth culture expert, there are usually specific reasons why teens kill. They include being bullied at school, depression, lack of guidance or discipline and even mental illness are just to name a few. (Inside The Mind Of a Teen Killer; 2009 Nelson, Phil Chalmers). Eric Smith appeared to have many of those…show more content…
Some appear to have just been born this way, others had contributing factors that may have triggered something inside that caused them to react in such a violent, hideous manner. There are some children born that have no conscience, yet they do not kill. I feel that Eric, being 13, knew he was harming or killing Derrick, however, and did not seem to be bothered by his actions. Having been incarcerated at such a young age, I must wonder if he received any type of help or counseling from the judicial system to help him transition back into society with life management skills needed. Is there hope for Eric to become a productive member of society, or will he kill again? That is a frightening thought that we may never know the answer

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