Erica Dawson's Essay 'New NASA Missions Rendezvous With Moon'

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Love and heartache have been discussed and explored through literacy many times in every way possible. Overall through the course of literacy, we have learned that love is not easy. Sometimes people choice to brush off the bruises and try again and some people choice to find another purpose. Jeff Parker and Erica Dawson are two authors who, by using different types of literary formats, effectively came across the topic of love. Erica Dawson uses poetry in her poem, “New NASA Missions Rendezvous with Moon”, to execute the idea that love wins at the end of the day. Jeff Parker uses a different approach and focuses on the message that sometimes love does not work so people can find a truer purpose in his short story, “Our Cause”. Erica Dawson uniquely uses poetry and…show more content…
Erica Dawson uses great symbolism within in her point. The steps it takes to get the moon and back again to earth can be seen as the different points in the relationships. This technique along with the style of a series of seven Shakespearean sonnets, cleverly gave off the idea of a journey. Erica Dawson’s poem is a set of seven poems in the format of sonnets. Each sonnet plays an important part in telling the story. The first sonnet, “Pre-launch”, is about loving the idea if being in love. She makes reference to Otis Redding’s “My Lover’s Prayer” essentially saying that she hopes that the love relationship goes right the way it is supposed to go. The second sonnet in the set “Contact” talks about meeting the person you like and find interesting. Dawson says in sonnet, “Success? Results too soon to view” meaning that the interest has not turned yet into a relationship and it is too early to tell if it will work. “A hit?” is the third part of this seven part sonnet. In it the narrator is questioning the crush or interest they have in the person. It can be seen within the fourth part that the narrator has confirmed that

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