Erica Sanders Case Study

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Director (Robert Lee) and Intern Roberts made contact with Erica Sanders (09/07/1979) at her home in regards to the allegations. Ms. Sanders stated the following in response to allegations:
• Mr. Lee explains the purpose of the home visit and the allegations.
• Moved to Leesburg from Alabama a couple of months ago, to get away from a negative environment.
• Her daughters (Kayleigh & Renee) was not at home, they attended a football game with their neighbors.
• Her daughter (Renee Boots, 11/11/2001) of having bi-polar, and she refuses to take her medicine.
• Renee calls her a mother f-er.
• Renee makes up things and lies.
• Renee hits her sister (Kayleigh) a couple of days ago. (No date nor time stated)
• Renee Boots cut her leg with a razor.
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• Observed the home as clean and neat.
• The client receives food stamps.
• The client will apply for Medicaid, Well care, or Peach care for the children.
• The client is seeking a Pediatrician for the kids.
• Reported no DFCS history in Alabama.
• Her boyfriend (Roger Sanders) gets off from work in Butler, Georgia at 5:30. P.M daily.
• Mr. Lee suggests Erica’s boyfriend (Roger) resides, across the street with his uncle (Tommy Sanders) until DFCS makes contact with Kayleigh privately.
• Erica refuses to send her boyfriend across the street until further investigation and the safety of Kayleigh.
• Erica agrees with the Director to allow Kayleigh to reside across the street with her uncle (Tommy Sanders) and family for her safety.
• The Director explains to Erica the importance of signing a Georgia Safety Plan and a DHS HIPAA Notice of Privacy form, for the safety of Kayleigh.
• Erica was compliant and agreed to sign a Georgia Safety Plan and a HIPAA Notice of Privacy form.
• Erica reassures the Director of Kayleigh returns home and residing with her uncle and family until DFCS interviews Kayleigh privately.
• Mr. Lee leaves contact information and a copy of the Safety Plan and HIPAA form with
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