Erich Priebke: A Very Inspired Nazi Supporter

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Erich Priebke Was A Very Inspired Nazi Supporter. He believed in Nazism for a long while. Closer to the end however he claimed repentance. Erich Priebke was been secretly buried in an Italian prison cemetery. Since nobody wanted it everybody wanted to get rid of it he was sent to Rome. Where he was then buried. Priebke was born at Hennigsdorf which was then in the Kingdom of Prussia. Little is known of his early life but he told interviewers that his parents died when he was young and that he was brought up mainly by an uncle before earning a living as a waiter in Berlin, The Savoy Hotel, London and on the Italian Rivera. Then from 1936 he worked for the Gestapo…show more content…
However he managed to escape a prison in North Eastern Italy. He lived with a family in Vipiteno for a short time and while there he received a second baptism from a local priest. He later went to live with a Bishop named Alois Hudal, A participant of the Vatican Ratlines, who had been making fake passports for war criminals. In addition to the massacre, Priebke is thought to have participated in the deportation of 6,000-7,000 Jews from Italy to Auschwitz concentration camp. It took him many years in Argentina to get away from his crime and in the end he failed and was caught by American authorities and forced to face trial. He pleaded not guilty but it was proven that he was in fact guilty. He was sentenced to 15 years and he tried to appeal to the court a he was sentenced to life in prison. Because of his age the government in Italy did not think that he would survive prison very long and he got to serve his imprisonment sentence in the comforts of his

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