Ericson's Eight Stages Of Psychosocial Development

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Erickson Stages Of Psychosocial Development.
Erick or Erickson was a best and well known for his famous theory of physoco-social development. He was born on the 15 june in 1902 in Frankfurt, Germany and passed away on 12th may in 1994.Thus, this essay will briefly discuss the Ericson’s eight stages of psychosocial development, and how it relate to individual and describes the experiences at different stages have been encounter so far, also to state the strength uncounted and identify the development needs may have been neglected at each stage, to state how the social and the cultural factors has shaped individual especially myself in development so far, and to describe how one can develop as a better individual considering to strengths and
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There was a lot of experience that I have been faced through individual stages. When I was an infant until one year old everything seems not clear to me as I was a small child and one thing that I am familiarize with is my parents. Turning up to three years old I hate anyone to feed me or to take me home when I still playing with my friends outside. The most interesting part as at five years old and my parents took me to the kindergarten to attend my first class in school. Lot of creativity found as we shows everything to my teacher due to the planning and taking an initiative to do things in class that are required to us. At the school age from six to twelve years I learn to read and write down my name. The last stage is the stage five is when becoming adolescent as I experience now. I have been go through a lot of changes at this very period and peer pressure is one of the most distractive matter that I want to get out of…show more content…
A few things that developmental needs neglected in the five stage are parents should spent more time on children rather than go out to such places like clubbing ,dinner,etc.Instead of moving at least spend one to two hours at home looking after a baby. Also parents or caregiver not to punish a child and tell those harsh words that can hurt the feelings. Teachers are to lose focus on social media and take thirty minutes to discuss with the children.
In addition socialize with my family especially my parents was really awesome and both of them teach me what is right from wrong and not repeat the same mistake happens. The culture side it also shaped myself and it discipline myself as I practice what I have been taught at home that it will shows my identity. No matter what you go through in life do not lose focus or concentration.
To conclude everyone on this earth have weakness some can be told but other are not. Through my weakness I learnt a lot to stand up again and be strong in making wise decisions and be courageous at all times. The five development stated above moulds me to be a strong teenager and be a role model at anywhere I have been call

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