Erik Erickson's Theory Of Childhood Development

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Chapter 1: History, Theory & Research Strategies 1.) When we say that an ability or trait is due to nature, we are saying that the ability or trait was inherited genetically from one’s parents at the moment of conception. The concept of nature is different from the effects of nurture because nurture is conceived traits that one gets from their environment. An example of a nurtured trait will be someone’s personality while an example of a natured trait will be eye color. There is also the idea of nature via nurture this means that both genes and environment affect every human characteristic. Scientist were so interested with this idea of nature vs nurture that they created the study of the many ways the environment alters the genetic expression. Scientists begin with methylation at conception and continue to lifelong and called it Epigenetics. 2.) Although there are many different theories of childhood development, a scientist called Erik Erickson believed that there are different psychosocial stages a person goes through, throughout their lifetime. With these stages, comes main developmental challenges that must be resolved in that stage of life. There are eight different stages of his theory. The first being basic trust vs mistrust, this stage starts from birth and ends

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