Erik Fischer Character Analysis

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Introductory paragraph: Erik Fischer is an all star football player that makes poor choices that influence other people. Erick’s choices not only affect his life they also affect his family's life, especially his brother Paul's.Erik's choice to hit Tino, tell Arthur to hit Luis,and his choice to spray spray-paint in Paul's eyes all significantly affect Paul. Body paragraph #1: The first choice Erik made that affects Paul was when Erik hit Tino.Erik chose to hit Tino because Tino was making fun of Erik, which made Erik angry.This choice affects Paul because it made the people on the soccer team not want to hang out with Paul anymore and it made Paul feel useless because he did not stick up for Tino even though he knew Eric would do something bad.Paul said,”I just stared back at him paralyzed with fear”(page 205).Also…show more content…
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The choice that Erik mad that affects Paul the most is when Paul realises that Erik made him visually impaired.Paul said,”and I remember Erik's fingers prying my eyelids open while vincent sprayed white spray paint into them”(page 263),Erik did this because he thought Paul told on themr.This affects Paul because after he found out the real reason he is visually impaired in his flashback,he felt better knowing the truth.After Paul screamed at his parents for keeping this from him he said,”I am alright,I am more than alright,finally”(page
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