Erik Matti's On The Job

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Erik Matti's "On the Job" is a film inspired by true stories. Allegedly, Matti learned the idea about the scandal involving prisoners used as contract hit men from a conversation with a production service driver (Letargo, 2013). Another idea that shaped the story is based on the compilation of reported crimes involving politicians during election campaign periods. These ideas, through the effective use of film element and film language, formed a crime thriller which exposes effectively the corruption and violence in Metro Manila. The film is about the scandal involving two convicts named Daniel Benitez (Gerald Anderson) and Mario "Tatang" Maghari (Joel Torre) who make a living for their own families while inside the unusually porous prison. They are taken out of prison to perform high-profile assassination planned and paid by influential group consisting of military and government officials. Two principled crime investigators, NBI agent Francisco “Francis” Colonel Jr. (Piolo Pascual) and Sgt. Joaquin Acosta (Joey Marquez), attempt to solve the recurrent cases of political killings. The crime…show more content…
I interpret it as Anderson's promise to his supporters of offering more romantic films in his career. The response of the inmates upon receiving chocolates suggests rejection of his proposal. The "Diabetic ako" on the script, response of the inmate who distributes food, could mean that Filipino audiences and film makers are getting sick because of too much sweetness presented by the similar love story plot produced repetitively. It disapproves overproduction of films on romance genre. Another response of the inmate who iron Daniel's clothes, "Sa susunod yosi na ha!", suggests that the film industry including producers and actors to make films with different

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