Erik Weihenmayer's Speech: When The Worlds In Your Hands

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When the Worlds in your Hands In 2011 at Bucknell University, Erik Weihenmayer gave a speech about all the challenges in his life and how he overcame them. Erik also says about what the graduating students look on life is and again how to overcome them. Erik Weihenmayer is a blind man that climbed Mount Everest in 2001 and every highest mountain on each continent. As a child Erik had retinoschisis, a rare disease that made him go blind at the age of 13. That didn’t stop him from doing anything a normal person could do. One day they were taking a group of blind people rock climbing, so he went along. That’s where he fell in love with rock climbing. Erik loved the patterns of the rock and the different temperatures of the rocks, so he decided to keep climbing no matter what people said to him.…show more content…
Erik was kept talking about how there are a lot of hardships in his life, but he overcomes them and that we should do the same thing. He wants us to find the positives out of life and exceed to our goals in life. In his lifetime there were many people who said to him that he cant or wont be able to do something, but that didn't tear him down. Instead he used that as fuel to motivate him to do a certain thing. That inspired me, because he went through so much yet he still accomplished many things. If I can push all those roadblocks of my life a side I can accomplish most of my goals
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