Erikson Stages Of Development Essay

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The first stage of Erikson’s developmental tasks is trust vs. mistrust which usually occurs about the first year of age. This is the stage in which an infant either is cared for and loved and has trust in their caregiver or is neglected and uncared for which leads to mistrust. If they can trust they will be able to feel secure in their future relationships because they will assume there is a source of love and support. Mistrust in this stage will lead to anxiety and fear in future relationships. For myself, during this stage I think that I reached the trust stage. I have been able to have relationships without fear of being supported in financial or emotional crisis’s. The second stage of Erikson’s developmental tasks is autonomy vs. shame and doubt. This stage usually occurs around the age 18 months to 3 years old. This the stage where the child is learning they can do new things such as walk, put clothes and shoes, and talk. Toilet training is big during this stage. The parent must encourage independence but not be overly protective. They must also not shame their child for making a mistake either. If the child does make a mistake they should redirect them the right way to avoid a loss of self-esteem. I think a child, I did not do so well in this…show more content…
role confusion. This occurs between ages 12 to 18. The child is learning who they are and who they want to be. They are figuring our values and beliefs outside of their parents. They will also learn the role they need to follow as an adult. If the child is pressured into an identity it can lead to role confusion or rebellion. I was never pressured into being something I did not want to. However, I do feel judged or embarrassed if I think that my parent’s do not like the way I live of think I am lazy. For example, they take care of their house and mow once a week and I’m doing good if mine gets mowed once every two weeks. Just the feeling of them thinking I am lazy makes my
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