Erikson's Phychosocial Development: Five Stages Of Development

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Psychosocial" is how one 's psychological development is created and interacts with the social environment. That is, how a person 's psyche develops through the elements of social interaction in order to mature into a functioning human being. This is contrasted with social psychology, which seeks to understand the social patterns within an individual through his or her psychology. Psychosocial support is provided to those who have experienced a trauma, violence or a disaster, in order to help them to resume "normal life." "Psychosocial" was first coined by Erik Erikson, a psychologist, in his "stages of development". Erikson stated that there were eight stages of psychosocial development, starting from infancy and going into adulthood. Each stage would see a person overcoming some challenge; failure would result in them reappearing as problems in a person 's future. However, these stages do not need to be taken in a specific order; the success of one stage is not required to go on to the next.

"Teachers who apply psychosocial development in the classroom create an environment where each child feels appreciated and is comfortable with learning new things and building relationships with peers without fear" (Tamara , 2010, para. 1). Teaching Erikson’s theory at the different grade levels is important to ensure that students will attain mastery of each stage in Erikson 's theory without conflict. There are specific classroom activities that

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