Erikson's Psychosocial Developmental Theory

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Life Story Interview Based on Erikson’s Psychosocial Developmental Theory According to Erick Erickson, there are eight stages that every individual travel through during their lifetime. Atalay (2007) stated the eight psychosocial stages pointing out that the individual is engaged in the struggle to challenge and overcome the crisis he/she is exposed to. Vincent currently is twenty nine years old, which fall into stage of intimacy versus isolation. The sixth stage covers the period from twenty to early forty. In this stage the main crisis need to be resolved is able to build harmonious relationships with others, which included friendship and intimacy relationships. If young adult able to form healthy relationships with others means he or she…show more content…
According to Erick Erickson the first stage of the Psychosocial Developmental Theory is trust versus mistrust, it starts from birth to one year old. In this stage, infant fully depended on caregiver to fulfill he or she needs. Erikson believes that infant-parent attachment, the first social relationship, lays the foundation for all of the infant’s later social relationship. The main development task for this stage will be developing trust to the environment, others and self. In addition, infant needs to develop a sense of safety to his surroundings. If the mother or main caregiver able to provide love, caring and fulfill infant basic needs consistently, then the infant will be able to develop basic trust to others, self and environment. According to Robert and John (2013), “infants who experience the trust and compassion of a secure attachment should develop into preschool children who interact confidently and successfully with their peers” (p. 172). Erikson’s also claim that strength of hope will be develop. Hope is the first and most basic and yet it is also the most lasting; it is the most stable and yet acquires new qualities, depending on the general stage reached. Others wise, if the mother or major caregiver not able to provide quality care and manage to build a good relationship with an infant, then a sense of mistrust and withdrawal in social
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