Erikson's Theory Of Identity Analysis

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Today, within the framework of psychoanalysis social identity problem dealt with in detail Erikson, interest in particular issues of the evolution of self-consciousness of man and the stages associated with the development of his identity. It has identified eight stages in the formation of a mature identity. The first four stages occur in infancy and childhood, the fifth stage of puberty, and the last three in adulthood, old age inclusive. In his works Erikson puts special emphasis on puberty, because then a transition from childhood to adulthood. What is happening at this stage is very important for the personality of an adult. The risk of developing type 2 diabetes grows with age. Type 2 diabetes usually affects people over 45 years of age,…show more content…
In each of the stages are measured person new challenges associated with age (degree of development) and social situations in which it is situated. Erikson described the characteristic "crises" occurring in stages that will be shown are the most viable. This does not mean that later no longer have meaning. It's like all of us strike deal with them shapes our personality. The crisis is understood in this theory as the need to develop new forms of adaptation to the environment and fulfill our needs. The core of each stage is a "fundamental crisis", representing a challenge for the developing ego and being a product of contact with some new aspect of society. However, "fundamental crisis" exists not only during a certain stage. There is in him obviously, but it has its roots in the past and the consequences in the next. In the last stage (integrity vs. despair) after the experience of the previous phases of man can “reap the fruits” of your life. Experiencing that his life has a purpose and meaning. Although he knows that others may have different lifestyles, however, follows his own. The opposite of despair when he sees rather a variation of fate, the fragility of life. This reinforces the fear of death. From the clash between despair and integrity, sense and nonsense born wisdom. Erikson describes it as an…show more content…
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