Erin Brockovich Analysis

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Erin Brockovich is a 130 minutes self-titled film impersonated by Julia Roberts, directed by Steven Soderbergh and written by Susannah Grant. This film narrated the true story of thrifty, sedulous and tough woman, Erin Brockovich and her route on becoming a well-known legal clerk and environmentalist. Erin is a jobless single mom that has a debt of 74 dollars and has 3 kids, Matthew, Katie and little Beth. In order provide for all the necessities of her children she start rummaging for a decent work but unfortunately in the middle of the search, she got herself on a car accident with a doctor. The incident gave her the opportunity to meet Mr. Ed Masry a lawyer and owner of a private law firm. After Erin and Ed lose the case Ed avoided Erin’s call. The frustration seized her and made her more desperate to find a job, because of that she decided to go on Ed’s law firm and ask for any kind of work despite of having no educational background in law and luckily Ed got her in. Erin’s life at that time started to improve and have progress. After having an upright job, she also got to meet George, a thoughtful man who is willing to love and accept her including her children. One day, she was given a task about the files of a real estate case where the PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company) proposed to buy Donna Jensen’s house that is located around their plants at Hinkley, California. After scrutinizing the files, she got confused on why

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