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Erin Brockovich is a 130 minutes self-titled film impersonated by Julia Roberts, directed by Steven Soderbergh and written by Susannah Grant. This film narrated the true story of thrifty, sedulous and tough woman, Erin Brockovich and her route on becoming a well-known legal clerk and environmentalist. Erin is a jobless single mom that has a debt of 74 dollars and has 3 kids, Matthew, Katie and little Beth. In order provide for all the necessities of her children she start rummaging for a decent work but unfortunately in the middle of the search, she got herself on a car accident with a doctor. The incident gave her the opportunity to meet Mr. Ed Masry a lawyer and owner of a private law firm. After Erin and Ed lose…show more content…
Erin abided the investigation, she expatiated the residence of Hinkley and found out that they were all suffering from illness that caused by Hexavalent Chromium. The Jensen’s manifestly filed a major lawsuit to PG&E, but the evidence Erin gathered were only bond to the PG&E Hinkley plants not with the main PG&E at Chicago. Ed realizing that this case was a tough one and they needed evidence to relate the PG&E main to the case, he almost reneged to continue. Yet he decided to set disposition by binding arbitration, but all of the complainant must agree with the proposition. Erin’s capability made all of the plaintiffs signed. She also got to meet Charles Embry who claimed that his cousin that have worked for PG&E was poisoned and died. He revealed that he was given the tasked to burn some of the documents that divulged the cognizance of the main PG&E about the Hexavalent Chromium contamination in the Hinkley plants. Providentially, Embry made copies of the destroyed documents and gave it to Erin. They were able to win the case and because of this they made the PG&E paid 333 million dollars for the group and 5 million dollars for the Jensen

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