Erin Brockovich Ethical Analysis

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The story of Erin Brockovich is indeed one concerning levels of ethical dilemmas. What Erin Brockovich went through in the entire sphere of her job at the law firm with Ed Masry and her case concerning actions of PG&E, depicts quantum of all of the five ethical principles in one jock combined. However, what is of grave appreciation and instrumental value that how she and the people around her, knowingly or unknowingly, portrayed vivid views on personal ethics and contradictions towards internal believes and motives with such brilliance and articulate.
Business Ethics itself focuses on two things and two things only, which are everyone has the right to pursue their dream and no one has the right to obstruct anyone else’s progression towards
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However, it can be encouraged to mould one’s decisions and actions and sometimes an entire ideology towards life. Similarly, moral development can be encouraged as ethical behavior. Such deliberate actions to teach ethics affects and renovates ones individual behavior as well as of those concerned.
Erin Brockovich was a brave lady, who was a single mother to three infants; no source of income yet firm on her beliefs, an influencer to those who needed a push to revitalize their moral and ethical believes. Her actions in the early stages were drawn towards the Ethics of Care principle, which later were subjected under the Utilitarian principle, as per which she first, determined the ethical nature of dilemma and then further on influenced others to believe so.
The Utilitarian Principle speaks about morality concerning the majority; most good, least harm. That was the ideology of Erin Brockovich. She taught herself of the fallacies PG&E was under; sacrificing for the good of most, disregarding her personal life under which were influenced the lives of her three infants along with her boyfriend. She devoted herself to her job, making sure the majority that need her help or were unaware of the happenings, get a share of influence and say over the matters pertaining to their lives with their involvement to a superior
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Her moral development had reached the level of universal focus and now she strived to obtain the final stage of the moral principle that is, the universal ethics principle. Her values were stronger than ever; what is wrong to her stays wrong no matter what. Self-sacrifice to her was only as good as it could get. In the early parts of the story, Erin was more concerned about how to fit herself in and prove of what could be right for her, but later on as her research started to make sense, she gained more acknowledgement and support, started to mend the rules and make them in favor of her own
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