Erin Brockovich Movie Analysis

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Erin Brockovich is a movie by Steven Soderbergh, which is based on a true story. The female protagonist in the movie is struggling through her life. She is a single mother of three children. She was divorced twice, she was unemployed, and she was broke. She had an accident with her car, which was not her fault, and the accident lead to breaking her neck. Erin Brockovich decided to sue the man that caused the accident, however, she did not win the case. She worked after that in her lawyer’s, Ed Masry, firm of law. She found an important case in the files of the firm and asked Ed Masry to investigate it. She found that water is polluted by a California power company, and it caused huge illnesses and diseases among the people in the city.

The movie portrays how a woman can be strong, passionate about her work, a good mother, attractive and also
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It also highlights that there is inequality in the field of work between women and men. A man can easily get married, have children and be successful in his job, but when it comes to a woman everyone around her forces her to quit. The majority puts obstacles in the way of women in order to fail. They fear what a woman can do with her intelligence and creativity and try to bring her down. Societies do not accept the idea of women being successful in their life and feel that women are a threat.
In consequence we can see clearly how Erin Brockovich addresses many ideas as reversal of gender roles, sexual objectification, and inequality. Erin is mistreated and misjudged throughout the movie by men, and by her society for falling into a certain category, which is being a divorced woman. She is thus given a certain role, and is looked down upon by people, because to them she has failed the most important task in a woman’s life, which is to get married and stay married. It is thus a movie about self-awareness, and female
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