Erin Gruwell Hero Essay

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They can be fictional or nonfictional. Maybe a hero is a child or possibly an ordinary person. People can also have multiple heroes. Whenever, I think of my current hero was Erin Gruwell comes to mind. She used all of her knowledge for something good, treated the students like they were her own, and didn’t give up on the students. In sometimes in life a hero can commit minute acts of kindness. Erin Gruwell was a first year high school teacher. She was teaching tough kids in Long Beach, CA. Her students were the lowest at the school so she begins with diaries so the kids could express they feelings. She felt like that was the only way for her to be able to reach out to the students. She tried every way possible to not give up on the kids. She even lost her husband due to that.…show more content…
She took on a challenge I don’t think any other teacher would do in my opinion. She changed so many lives while being with kids. She made everything possible so they can change they lives around.
Erin Gruwell never gave up on the students not once. Not even when the students had animosity with each other. She made all them work together and come over their differences. She did things I couldn’t see any teacher would be capable of doing. She could have ran out and gave up on them and went to a better school but instead she stayed and helped as much as possible.
With all that being said Erin Gruwell was a successful teacher and a great hero. She is someone I could look up to and have no doubt about it. She is someone capable to make change in the future. Something I would like to do for others. With all respect Erin Gruwell was an achiever and the best person in the
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