Erin Gruwell Thesis

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When life seems so dark and there is nothing left to live for, hope walks into your life when you least expect it. Erin Gruwell, is a twenty-three year old woman that went to law school in search of a prosperous law career. However, she quickly found herself changing her major from not only a law degree to an education degree, but a wealthy, privileged life for a mediocre life. Her father influenced her, as he was part of the Civil Rights Movement. This encouraged Erin to want to teach and be a part of the real fight in the classroom. As she sacrificed everything to put these kids ahead of herself, she then realized that it was her and her students against the world. Gang members, racists, and drug dealers come together in room 203 as if they…show more content…
This book led them into Anne Frank 's world of war that was so inspiring to them. Suggesting to raise money to make a trip to the Holocaust museum, Erin made it possible. The Museum of Tolerance gave them a great view of what all Jews went through. They showed videos, clips, and old news articles of the Holocaust. After they completed their view of the museum, Gruwell took them to a fancy dinner at the hotel that she worked at. She had set up for surviving Holocaust victims to attend and speak about their experience. Influenced by this, they were determined to change their life. Marcus, walked out on the gang life to move back in with his mother, Andre, quit selling drugs, and another boy threw out his gun. Also, Eva took the stand in the courtroom expected to lie for Paco 's sake, instead, she told the court that it was Paco who killed the Chinese boy. After this, Eva 's father quit speaking to her, her gang threatened her at gunpoint, and forced her out of the gang. Even though it was a very tough decision, possibly life or death, they were encouraged to make a…show more content…
Having very high expectations for her students was her way of helping them succeed. When the environment around these students caused them to fail, Erin knew they were capable of more. Inviting Miep Gies, the lady who hid Anne Frank, to come from Germany to speak to her class, was their life changing moment. Gruwell had them type up their diaries to try to influence others, which later was published as The Freedom Writers Diary. Once they realized that their time with Mrs. Gruwell was coming to an end, they convinced her to get permission from the board to move up to junior year with them. Predicting that they would not allow her too, they actually granted her with permission to teach her students junior and senior
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