Erin Gruwell's The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Erin Gruwell, a young Caucasian female who decided to forgo attending law school and instead became a teacher at a newly race integrated school that locates in a poverty stricken and high crimes area. In the movie, the time frame is after the L.A. riot and racial tension are still at high level. Gruwell, who grew up in an upper middle class family, had to make a drastic transformation to her new environment when teaching at Woodrow Wilson High School, which consists of a multiracial and divided students body. Gruwell was very much out of her element in the beginning because she expected that the teachers, administrators, and students to be working together. However, she began to slowly understand the isolation and hatred existed among the students. In addition, her…show more content…
The students went from the “unteachable” to “teachable” and displayed truth students-teacher bonds. Growell even spent money to take the students on field trip to visit the museum and took them to fancy restaurants in order to meet Holocaust survivors and hear their triumphant stories. The whole class even managed to successfully create a fundraiser in order to fly Miep Gies to speak at their school. Miep Gies was the woman who hid Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis. The students were very inspired when the speaker told them that she isn’t a hero and that the students themselves are the real heroes based on the letter that she read from them. From that moment on, the students developed a sense of respect, dignity, and hope in their lives. They can inspired other people and make effective changes through their
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