Erin Hunter On The Sidewalk Bleeding Analysis

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The short story ‘On the Sidewalk Bleeding’ by Erin Hunter is a tragic tale of a boy who realizes too late that he wants to be remembered as more than a title. In the last moments of life, it becomes clear that the pride found in a title means nothing compared to the value in who he is as an individual. This short story establishes a dark and depressing mood right from the start, as the main character Andy lays on the biting cold, hard ground of a dark alley. In the dark, unwelcoming alley where this short story takes place, Andy lays motionless with the March rain pouring down on him, drilling onto his jacket and the rest of his body as he bleeds. The biting rain drenched him and his surroundings, making the street glisten under the glow of the cars’ lights and causing their tires to swish as they drive by. The setting builds up the story to be dark and depressing, from the pounding rain, to the cold, grimy, dismal alley. In this alley, Andy is trapped. His hopelessness growing as quickly as the pool of blood he is surrounded by. At first, as he lay there with life slowly escaping his body he does not realize he is dying. After all it is only a cut, just another cut from another scrap with the Royals’ opposing gang, the guardians. In the first few minutes, dying didn’t cross his mind. However, as time progressed and he received no help he…show more content…
Andy died wishing he was seen as the individual person he was, not just a Royal. He wanted to be recognized as a person who had hopes, dreams and fears too. Sadly, although he tried to push away his past as a Royal, his life of living for it was too strong and not many thought of him as Andy after he died, most saw him as a Royal. It makes us think, how to we want to be remembered when we die? Do you want to be remembered as part of a group, or do you want to be remembered as the unique and wonderful person God created you to
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