Erlt Theory In The Classroom

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Results We have got many different opinions from the interviewees and their reflections. Through interviews, we have realized that some of the STs did not have any difficulty in learning the ELT theories while some of them faced problems with understanding these theories because of inadequate opportunities for a learning environment enhanced by practice. Besides, some STs indicated that teachers have a considerable impact on their perceptions about ELT theories; others highlighted the experiences as a teacher in a real classroom. Despite the fact that, among 12 participants each has different views there are some similarities between students’ thoughts that we have categorized as below: 1. Contradictions between teachers’ explanations and…show more content…
So it makes us understand the theory in class very well. While some other teachers teach and do not apply the theories into practice which really make the class in total confusion. 2. Not a single theory always works in classroom Almost every ELT ST has agreed with the opinion that in the classroom, teachers should apply different strategies, methods, or theories because a single theory may not be appropriate for different cases in terms of different levels of students and classroom environment. Even while teaching a subject, a teacher needs to use many different principles of ELT theories at the same time. For this theme, one of the students stated (Interview I) as below: A1: Actually the theories, techniques, and the approaches enable us to apply them in the classrooms but I think as we are living in a method era, there shouldn’t be one theory, one method or one approach to applying the techniques. So I prefer a combination of the techniques to address all different interests of the student in…show more content…
They obtain the knowledge necessary for the establishment of their philosophy of teaching; otherwise, there would be no way to guide STs to be an effective teacher. Besides, they would learn everything about which fits for a right decision in a situation of teaching by trial and error that causes time wasting and frustration. Therefore, theories are “providing a framework for gaining insights” into learning and teaching the language in a practical way (Mc Laughlin, 1987, p. 14). Also, our study justifies the views that theories do not ensure that they are strictly confirmed to every single case. Instead, they indicate the way to lead in a certain situation during teaching process (Mc Laughin, 1987, p.

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