Hemingway Moral Code Analysis

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Neal Stephenson once said, “That we occasionally violate our own stated moral code does not imply that we are insincere in espousing that code.” Hemingway expresses this through the novel as the characters boldly state their beliefs, yet they make no intention to follow through on what was said. The author, Ernest Hemingway, wrote this book when he was a mere 27 year old. His purpose for writing the book was to depict the lost generation in which he lived, where people paid no reverence towards God, nor to their own word, for they did not abide by them. Jake Barnes, the protagonist and most moral character in the story, is said to be a staunch Catholic, yet his actions say otherwise. His counterpart, Robert Cohn, was a self-proclaimed Jew who…show more content…
Unlike the other characters, she did not strive to keep a set of morals, or wish to be a religious figure. Instead, she had made a decision that she would rather hurt than be hurt and thought of sex as a recreation rather than something sanctified and holy. Therefore, she constantly threw herself at other men, seeking physical attention and intimacy without any emotion or strings attached. Throughout the novel, the reader sees all of these characters seeking to uphold these wholesome values, however, Lady Brett has none. She would rather live life in a brash and carefree manner than call herself spiritual or noble. “I’m damned bad for a religious atmosphere. I’ve the wrong type of face.” (Hemingway, 56). She lived indecently, yet she was shameless, and took on multiple lovers without the feeling of remorse. In fact, while engaged to Mike, she had slept with Brett and Pedro, and had a desire to run away with Pedro, one of her countless lovers. It is also revealed that she loves Jake, but loves intimacy more than she loves him, and would not give it up for him. She chose pleasure over love, and did not look back or even think twice about her decision, leaving her seen as a cold and ruthless woman who loved nothing but herself and her belief of what enjoyment
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