Ernest Hemingway Sexism

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Ernest Miller Hemingway was raised in a sexist/ racist time period. Almost all of Ernest Hemingway 's works show some type of sexism or racism. Two of his main short stories are “Indian Camp” and “The Doctor and the Doctor 's Wife”. In “Indian camp” Nick 's father has to deliver a woman 's baby, she has been in labor for two days. Sadly even though her situation is so dangerous, men still don`t care. This short story showed lots of examples of racism and sexism. In “The Doctor and the Doctor 's Wife” the Doctor and Dick have a little quarrel. The doctor was not expecting a Native American to actually fight back to a white man. The Native American actually makes the doctor embarrassed, so the doctor goes home. At the end of the story the…show more content…
In “The Doctor and the Doctor 's Wife” he ends up choosing his father over his mother, he even wants to go hunting at the end. This shows that he has grown up because he used to be scared of it. In Indian camp Nick shows that he has gotten older because he now knows that everyone is not immortal mainly because he experiences a suicide. Once children learn people are not immortal they are no longer childish. “ I want to go with you, Nick said.”--- “I know where there 's black squirrels daddy” (103). He wants to join his father because he is now turning into a man and wants to do manly things with his father instead. Nick is only in the last part because he is no longer as young as he was, he did not have to be near his father throughout the whole story like he did in Indian camp. In Indian camp Nick 's father brings him along so he can realise what life is about. He wanted Nick to see what he does and how it changes lives. It was a good idea for him to go because after all of it he seemed more mature and understood life better. In indian camp Nick is with his father throughout most of the story, his father even explains what he 's doing to Nick during the procedure, But in the Doctor and the Doctor 's Wife you rarely hear of Nick because he is much more mature and on his own now. Based on Hemingway 's stories he shows that it is necessary for violence and anger, he has lots of bloodshed
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