Ernest Hemingway Style Analysis

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The Style of Hemingway

The author Ernest Hemingway has a special style on the way he writes his stories. Some of his popular stories are “The Old Man and the Sea” and “The Sun Also Rises”, both show his style of unadorned, the story is often simple. Modernism and Hemingway Code Hero are present in his stories, and the Hemingway Code Hero is Hemingway’s own story traits that exist. Ernest Hemingway’s Style of writing is unadorned because the stories consist of short sentences that make up a simple story.

Ernest Hemingway was born July 21, 1899 in Illinois. His father, Clarence Hemingway, was harsh and cruel, but he taught Ernest how to fish and hunt. Shortly after graduating from High School, Hemingway became a reporter for The Kansas City Star. Hemingway only stayed at the newspaper for a short time period, however the Star’s style guide was instrumental in laying a foundation of how Hemingway writes a
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Stories like “Nick sat against a wall” and “In Another Country”. There is always a tone in each of the stories. The tone in Nick Sat Against the Wall is of shortness and abruptness. There is humour that adds to the dark reality of what happened. Nick is now paralyzed from a hit and Rinaldi is unresponsive. It ends with “Rinaldi was a disappointing audience.” which shows how Hemingway chose to add a little humour to the story to add realism. The tone of “In Another Country” is grim and bleak. Nick is in Italy experimenting with Machines that may fix his physical flaws but there is uncertainty that clouds his mind. The intro sentence “In the fall the war was always there, but we did not go to it anymore.” (P168) illustrates the grimness and “There were usually funerals starting from the courtyard” (P168) further illustrates that something is off and missing. Fragmented Writing is the most probably cause and is a key trait of Modernism which shows up often through Hemingway
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