Ernest Hemingway There Is Nothing To Writing The Importance Of Writing

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When Ernest Hemingway said that “There is nothing to writing, all you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed” he could probably be aware of the difficulties the individuals meet with in the process of writing. At this point, Hemingway becomes the voice of the ones like him to take action, or have impulse to write; however, the key to writing can not be hidden in a visible place. The starting point of the act of writing can be resulted by me, for instance. Still, on the path of writing, it is apt for me to get into hardships, such as sparing time to read, practice for writing and priorities affecting on writing.
Considering that writing is like solving a puzzle, reading comes to mean a missing part of it. For the sake of reaching the whole, a writer feels the need of it to a large extent. In the event of its absence, steam of ideas dries up, and as a result that writing is nothing but repitition itself. Reading should not be regarded as skipping the words or sentences. Underliying the parts touching emition, taking notes down, and pondering over them have importance of writing well. As to me, i take care of devoting my time to read qualified books inspiring me to write. Still, there is such time that i do not get round to read even one sentence. At this stage, if i take the writing, i get a feeling that i repeat myself with the same words, or phrases. After all, writing is a process of creating a world with full of words. That world has a feeling of being fed with other

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