Encounters In Ernest Hemingway's 'Hills Like White Elephants'

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Literature exam Question 1: Short Story
What kind of narrator do we encounter in Ernest Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants”? Comment in your discussion on the significance of Hemingway leaving certain important details unsaid in the short story.

Ernest Hemingway´s “Hills Like White Elephants” Begins its story with a long description of the settings, a small village with a train station out in nowhere. It is a crossroad surrounded mainly by hills and fields. The main characters in the story are two people. One is a man that is referred to as “the American” and the other is his girlfriend. The American and the girl sits at a table outside the station having a small conversation and drinking beer, waiting for a train to arrive. In Ernest Hemingway´s “Hills Like White Elephants” at first glance it could be interpreted as a normal conversation
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Brontë´s book Jane Eyre, tells much about how the life’s of women during the nineteenth-century Victorian time period and describes many of the struggles the female gender faced during the era. The author presents early in the book that what is expected of a woman through the main character, Jane Eyre’s experience during her childhood and through her life as she grows older. From the very beginning she encounter hardship as Jane discovers the social preconceptions of the social classes and the injustice between the genders. She is an orphan raised by a wealthy family, but her guardian Mrs Reed is her cruel aunt and also her son John Reed threat her poorly. Since she got no money, Jane is considered more like a pest rather than a human being. Jane confrontations with Mrs Reed and her son through the early chapters in the book. Notably this is where we are introduced to Jane’s strong will and integrity becomes noticeable. As a result of these confrontations Jane is punished and sent to the girls’ school of
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