Ernest Hemingway's Trauma Analysis

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World War I generates a significant impact on Jake because he suffers physical and psychological trauma which causes him to have penis envy. Jake receives a telegram from Brett and reads it aloud to toy with Robert’s feelings: “Why I felt that impulse to devil him I do not know. Of course I do know. I was blind, unforgivingly jealous of what had happened to him... I do not think I ever really hated him until he had that little spell of superiority at lunch一 that and when he went through all that barbering” (Hemingway 105). Jake and Robert both share romantic feelings toward Brett. Additionally, Robert visited Brett when she went away to San Sebastian and they engaged in sex. Jake, on the other hand, cannot have sexual ties with her due to his physical trauma: the penile injury from the war. Consequently, this contributes into Jake’s psychological trauma caused by his penile injury because it lowers his self-esteem. In this moment, Jake becomes “unforgivingly jealous” of the power Robert attained over him because of Brett. Jake’s physical wound causes him to believe he…show more content…
Jake and Brett have an open discussion about their feelings: “‘Couldn 't we go off in the country for a while?’ ‘It wouldn 't be any good. I’ll go if you like. But I couldn 't live quietly in the country. Not with my own true love.’ ‘I know.’ ‘Isn’t it rotten? There isn 't any use in my telling you I love you.’ ‘You know I love you’” (62). Jake and Brett have a connection that is maladapted to their desired expectations in a romantic relationship. Jake cares deeply about Brett, but due to the passing of her first love during the war, she conflicts about who she wants to settle with. However, Jake is open and able to freely express his feelings in a controlled manner to Brett. He states in a straightforward way that he loves her even if she refuses to
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