Ernest Jones Hamlet Misogyny Analysis

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In the play, Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, Prince Hamlet of Denmark, interactions with two women throughout the interplay. Hamlet is rejected and dismissed by both women. His first negative experience is with Gertrude, his heartless whore of a mother. He then attempts to form a relationship with Ophelia, whose weak naive nature demolished any prospect of love. The women in his life influence him into a state of misogyny. He did not innately hate all women, but slowly as he reserved rejection after rejection he snapped. Hamlet’s relationships differed between Gertrude and Ophelia, but both had the same goal of Hamlet having someone to love and care about him. With the goal of compassion being accomplished, he spiralled in a growing hatred of the female population. Hamlet’s misogyny is not the result sexual repression , but rather his environment and the interactions with women. Ernest Jones argues that Hamlet’s misogyny stems from the sexual repression of Gertrude and Ophelia. The main point of Ernest Jones’ article “ Tragedy and the Mind of the Infant” is that Hamlet is in love with his mother. He roots Hamlet 's misogyny in Gertrude and Ophelia rejecting him sexually.“When sexual repression is highly pronounced, …show more content…

The point Jones’ maybe about misogyny being “the inevitable result” is directly reflected by the relationship Hamlet had with Ophelia and Gertrude. The lack of a strong women role in Hamlet, or even a women that loved Hamlet produced a misogynistic mindedness. He only had two women in his life to was “inevitable” who collective destroyed his view of women. If Hamlet would of had a more model mother or a love interest with a woman who loved him back, he wouldn’t have been misogynistic. The result of his mother being a heartless whore and Ophelia being a complete pushover and coward lead to Hamlet hating all women. He only had two women in his life span and they do

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