Ernest Krebs In Soldier's Home By Ernest Hemingway

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In his short story, Soldier’s Home, Ernest Hemingway tells the story of a young soldier, Harold Krebs, who is returning home from the war. He comes home to find things were quite different, as the girls, “had their hair cut short” (2) and “wore sweaters and shirt waists with round Dutch collars” (2). The difficulty Krebs has assimilating himself into his new home indicates that he feels disconnected from the world that has moved on without him. Soldier’s Home begins by introducing the reader to its main character, Harold Krebs. Krebs was a young man who was drafted into the war from college. He fought for two years in Europe, before he had returned back home in Oklahoma. However, the time he had returned was strange because it was much later than the rest of soldiers. It affects how he is able to connect with those around him. People don’t seem to care for his stories or the fact the he is back home. While he was home, Krebs had trouble assimilating back into normal life. After going into town, he had seen the young girls all grown up. He took notice to their new appearance. They all had hair styles and clothing different from what he was used to before the war. Surprisingly, he did not have any desire to chase after them. He felt he had no need to have a girl. More changes continue occurring for Krebs. One morning, Krebs’ mother brings news that his father decides that he is now allowed to take the car out, which was something he was never allowed to do before the war. He

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