Ernest Shackleton Essay

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The core problem of the case study is the leader of the expedition, Ernest Shackleton. Shackleton put his crew into danger, because he wanted to become a hero to his home country. His objective was to complete an expedition that was dangerous, and an expedition that had never been attempted before. Shackleton ignored the warnings of the weather, and continued his journey. That produces our first solution to the problem. If Shackleton would have listened to the warnings about the weather it could have said many people a ton of pain. The case study says, “Shackleton decided to hole up in South Georgia for several weeks, watching for any change in the ice. A month later, with conditions unchanged, the Endurance departed the whaling outpost for…show more content…
For this particular expedition the Royal Geographic society was also a part of the secondary problem. The exploration pushed explorers to find new and better places at a fast rate, without worrying about the problems that may occur. It was the industry that caused Shackleton to disregard the weather warning, because he knew they expected him to complete his promises to them. The first solution to the secondary problem is that exploration to the Polar should be limited. Once exploration to the Polar started, the exploration industry pushed for more explorers to start planning expeditions to the Polar region. The industry should have looked at what times it was easier to explore the Polar, and set an assigned time that explorers could explore the region. Instead, the industry pushed explorers to travel to the Polar at all times of the year without regard to the weather. The second solution for the secondary would be that the industry should stop pushing for the explorers to be competitive. The competitive nature of the industry pushed explorers to travel in harsh conditions, and caused many complications for different explorers. In this particular case, the competitive nature forced Shackleton to create this dangerous expedition that caused mental and physical problems for the crew, as well as caused many problems for Shackleton. If the exploration industry had more of a laidback feel, many people would not
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