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1We have all heard of Charles Darwin the man who discovered and create the theory of evolution. He was a very important figure and revolutionize the science world but a name not as thoroughly known is Ernst Haeckel. ernst Haeckel helped both legitimize and add on to Darwin's theory. One of the things he is more famous for is creating evolutionary trees. These evolutionary trees were usually shaped like an actual tree with many branches sprouting off into other species. While not all of these branches were right it gave people a better understanding of how evolution works. Ernst Haeckel was born in Potsdam Germany, on February 16th, 1824. His father was a government official who worked at Merseburg, which is another town in Germany. Haeckel's parents…show more content…
He graduated in 1857 with an m.d. Haeckel's interest in evolution started when he read Charles Darwin's book on the origin of species. This created a thirst for knowledge and made him want to learn more about evolution. After being a doctor for some years he decided to join the University of Jena and got a degree in zoology.
People were not much different than it was after because until a lot later it only affected the science community. People might have been a little less exposed to evolution but that's it.It is hard to say if my hero is an explorer, puzzle solver or data gatherer because he played different roles in different experiments and different expeditions. You could say he is an explorer because he studied and discovered and named thousands of new ocean species. For example, he found and named many jellyfish. You could also say he is an explorer for creating drawings of fish and their anatomy which had not been done many times before. You Could also call him a puzzle maker because he did further research to support Darwin's theory of evolution. He spent many years working on finding facts to further the study and legitimization of darwin's theory.

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