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Ernst Rohm
Ernst Rohm was born in Munich, Germany on November 28, 1887. Rohm was a German Military member and one of the individuals that helped create the Nazi Party alongside the infamous, Adolf Hitler. He represented the militant wing and was the co-founder of Sturmabteilung (S.A.), the Nazi’s Party militia and later became the commander. Rohm was a very devoted member of the Nazi Party and set a great example to fellow members of the Nazi Party when it came to war and taking orders.
Rohm helped Hitler on November 8th, 1923. Hitler noticed that currency had collapsed and wanted to do something to steal power. With the help of Rohm, Hitler lead the S.A to a beer hall in Bavaria where local government leaders were having a meeting. They captured the politicians and Hitler took charge. Police eventually opened fire and the Beer Hall putsch failed. As a result of this attempt to secure support of the army in Bavaria, Rohm was imprisoned. After an increasing amount of time serving the Nazi cause, he hoped
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Rohm and his staff were dragged out of their beds and thrown into prison, where Rohm and the whole S.A command were killed. Everyone is told that Hitler ruined Rohm’s plan of seizing power and subverting the Nazi Revolution. This massacre that occurred on June 30th became known as The Night of the Long Knives.
Although Rohm was taken out of his bed and executed, he was a very powerful leader. He was very loyal to Hitler and the Nazi Party at the beginning. He was able to build a multi-million man militia to do whatever they could in their power to strengthen the Nazi Party. Unfortunately, the S.A that he built had a bad reputation and was gaining too much power in Hitler’s mind. Ernst Rohm will be remembered as a very devoted member of the Nazi Party and a powerful
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