Beethoven Eroica Symphony Analysis

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Getting sketches "Eroica", Beethoven confessed: "I am not quite satisfied with his previous work, now I want to choose a new path.

We have heard from childhood that name - Beethoven, Beethoven - the great Viennese classics. His undying fame, despite the fact that since his death 188 years have passed. History tells that Ludwig Van Beethoven great, rude, conceited classic German composer who lived in the 18th and 19th century was a revolutionist and he liked Napoleon Bonaparte very much who was the leader of French military and he was older for one year then Beethoven. Eroica Symphony, which opens the central period of creativity Beethoven and at the same time - an era in the development of the European symphony, was born in the most difficult
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One of the favorite students of Beethoven, the pianist and composer Ferdinand Ries recalled: "This symphony was conceived in connection with Bonaparte when he was First Consul. Beethoven appreciated his exceptionally high and compared with the greatest Roman consuls. As I, and others of his coming friends often saw this symphony written in the score he had on the table top on the cover sheet stood the word "Bonaparte" and the bottom "Luigi van Beethoven," and say no more ... I was the first who brought him the news that Bonaparte announced himself emperor. Beethoven was furious and said: "This - is also an ordinary man! Now he will trample underfoot all human rights, only to follow his ambition, he will put himself above all others and become a tyrant! ". Beethoven went to the table, grabbed the title list, tore it from top to bottom and tossed to the floor." The new title of the symphony read: "Eroica" ("Heroic").Freedom moved Beethoven as Emperor of Musical era
And in the first edition of the orchestral symphony (Vienna, October 1806) in Italian dedication read: "Heroic Symphony, composed to honor the memory of a great man, and dedicated to his Serene Highness Prince Lobkowicz Luigi van
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