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1.1.1. SOIL:
Soil contains minerals, water, air, natural matter, and life forms that are the rotting. It forms at the surface of land – it is the “earth’s skin.” Soil has capability to support plant life and is invigorating to life on earth. Also it is capable of supporting all civil engineering structures.
Soil is the prime source-for food. Since, topsoil is necessary to grow plants. So, that way soil is the most precious gift of nature. So, we have to fertile soil for better agricultural production. So, that way the soil mismanaged, then there will be less productivity. So, for better productivity fertile soil is essential. So it is need of hours to protect soil cover.
It is the gradual process of detachment, transportation of surface soil particles from original place to new depositional place. The erosion of soil is naturally occurring process. It occurs when the action of water,
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In agriculture, soil erosion refers to detachment of a field's topsoil by the natural physical forces of water and wind or through forces associated with farming activities such as tillage. Erosion, occurred by water, wind or tillage, involves three distinct actions – soil wearing, movement and deposition. Topsoil, which is high in organic matter, fertility and soil life, is relocated elsewhere "on-site" where it builds up over time or is carried "off-site" where it fills in drainage channels. Soil erosion reduces cropland productivity and contributes to the pollution of adjacent watercourses, wetlands and lakes. Soil erosion can be a slow process that continues relatively unobserved or can occur at an alarming rate, causes serious loss of topsoil. Soil compaction, low organic matter, loss of soil structure, poor internal drainage, Stalinization and soil acidity problems are other serious soil degradation conditions that can accelerate the soil erosion

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