Erotomania In Enduring Love

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As a sufferer of de Clérambault´s syndrome, Jed has an obsession with Joe. Does Joe also have an obsession with Jed? Why? There are some reasons that confirm that Jed’s Perry obsession with Joe may be regarded as unrequited love but to some extent Joe Rose also has an obsession with Jed. Jed suffers from ‘de Clérambault’s syndrome’, a delusional disorder that typically involves a man or a woman who wrongly believes that another man or woman is in love with them. That man or woman tends to be a celebrity or someone in a better economic position. Firstly, the de Clérambault’s syndrome is considered a way of stalking and is also known as Erotomania. What is striking about Erotomania is that the subject’s (Jed) seeing patterns and signals from the love object (Joe) and the environment around him where there are none. Secondly, Jed insists on Joe’s love for him which will bring God to Joe’s life since he is an atheist scientific journalist. Finally, Jed’s appearance in his Joe’s life changes completely Joe’s relationship with his girlfriend Clarissa. The first chapter in Enduring Love is fundamental in order to understand the rest of events that are narrated in the book. An accident occurs when Joe and his girlfriend, Clarissa were enjoying a picnic after not seeing each other for six weeks, marks the starting point of the story. A hot air balloon falls from the sky, Joe and others, who were around, try to help a kid trapped in the balloon so as to keep it on the ground. One

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