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ABSTRACT: Error analysis is a branch of Applied Linguistics which was established as an alternative process of Contrastive Analysis (CA). Both methods explain sources of errors but in different ways. Contrastive analysis sees errors as results of First Language Learner (L1) interference only. But Error Analysis (EA) accepts many sources of errors like intra-lingual interference, overgeneralization, fossilization etc. Error treatment is not always easy for the teachers because the errors are infinite. So the errors have analyzed here through Corder’s plausible reconstruction. Under this theory, the thirty samples were collected of the errors in speaking English and found many grammatical errors besides misinformation, omission, inherent difficulty, erroneous input etc. To overcome these mistakes, the teachers, researchers and institutions should take proper steps to make the students active and motivated in learning and speaking English. In this article we have analyzed various problems on speaking English at undergraduate level in university of Bangladesh. Published books, articles and collected data are used as the materials of the article.]
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Interlingua transfer is to be a source of error because influencing of mother tongue that has been mastering to the second language learned. This phenomenon is categorized intervention. It is happened in began of 2nd language or foreign language learning process, which then to be adapted to 2nd language or 3rd language system continually. If the error is to be happened continually and there is no changing to be better, so the error is categorized in fossilized case. Fossilization happens because learners have influence their mother tongue to the 2nd language learned. This is also called development stage. In this stage L2 learners make errors while learning second

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