Error Analysis In Reading

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Data Analysis This section presents and analyzed the data derived from classroom observation and error analysis of the participant's written tasks. The data are classified and then organized into various categories. The findings drawn from the date will be discussed as they are presented. Nature of reading difficulties The following are the main challenges met by FND students in reading class: Lack of decoding skills The first challenge that FND students meet in reading is decoding words. It was noticed that some of them were incapable of decoding words written in English rapidly and accurately. For instance, words contain (gh) letters like although , straight, thoughtful are of the main source of difficulty. Although, they know the meaning of those words when they used orally but they can't recognize the meaning when they face those words in a written text because they can't recognize them easily. Spelling/sound inconsistency is another noticeable problem, as in great, weak, regions, cuisine, delicious, sign. In these examples, there are similar…show more content…
That is, they don't pause when they come across a comma or make a stop when there is a full stop. As a result, they don't make sense of what they read. Another common challenge was that they do not have enough morphological knowledge. For instance, they know the meaning of fashion but not fashionable, accomplish not accomplishment or select not selectively. Lack of Reading strategies Lack of reading strategies is one of the students' main weaknesses. They rarely use clues seem on the text like pictures, titles , subtitles ... etc. Whenever they asked to read they start reading the text from the first word up to the last word neglecting any clues that might appear in the text. This could be due to the lack of training and practice on using reading comprehension
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