Error Disclosure In Care

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Running head: Error disclosure and apology

Fundamentals in Patient Safety and Care
Instructor: Heba Ahmad
Student Name: Rajanjit Kaur (C0681077)
LHC 1023: Fundamentals in Patient Safety for Health Professionals
Lambton College, Toronto
July 4,2016

Galt and Paschal, (2011) explains that Medical error is a condition when the use of a wrong plan to fulfill an aim. It may be a system error, individual errors or sentinel event. If patients experience harm, whether from the progression of their medical condition or from events related to their health care delivery, it may be major or minor but patient and family members have the right to need to know and also practitioner responsibility to confront their mistake with other
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It is not a minor mistake but the doctor has apologized with the help of support team by Apology of Responsibility "I am sorry we did this to your patient" by mistake. The explanation should include the time, place, proximate cause of the error occurs and it should be within 24 hours after the patient harm. It may cause a patient to continue to trust their physician. (Galt and Paschal,2011)
• Communicate with those that have right to know the truth: Never confront his/her mistake in front of others who have a no need to know because it creates suspecting issues on all health care departments and care provider. (Galt and Paschal,2011)
Conclusion: Disclosure should not only be focused on a perspective that patient only receives disclosure and physician should only give them in an effort to promote patient safety. It is based on the mutual trust, respect, and partnership between the provider and patient, and an open communication method to resolve the health
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