Erwin Rommel: An American Soldier

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It is the year 1968, the height of the Vietnam war, you are an American soldier who has just witnessed your friend being shot by a hidden Vietnamese sniper. He is begging and crying for help, a medic tries to help him but he is shot too. Though you are behind cover and are safe from the sniper, you want to help him. But your CO (Commanding Officer) has ordered you to stay behind cover as he wants to wait for tanks and let your friend die. Would you disobey your CO´s command and run out of cover and go help your fellow soldier? With the possibility of getting killed by the sniper? Or would you refrain from helping him, stay safe from the sniper, wait for tanks, and let your friend die? Well that is the situation the character Animal Mother…show more content…
The second trait a hero must have is that they must also show sympathy and empathy towards their foes, no matter the circumstances. An example of this is Nazi Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. Now first off, I know what your thinking, He 's a Nazi! He couldn 't have possibly done anything that contributed towards society could he? Well here me out, Erwin Rommel born on November 15, 1891. He "fought as a lieutenant in World War I, in France, Romania and Italy." After world war 2 had broken out he "was appointed commander of German troops (the Afrika Korps)" After winning many victories he was appointed to Field Marshall and while in charge of these troops, his troops were never been spotted or charged with committing any war crimes. And when his troops captured a British soldier, instead of killing him on the spot, he ordered his men to keep him alive. And while that soldier remained a prisoner, he gave him cigarettes and beer.(Agency) This shows off the second trait of heroism because instead of shooting the soldier right then and there, Erwin Rommel valued life more then his soldiers and associates. He shows empathy towards that soldier and felt remorse and sympathy for him. He saw his "enemy" and instead of killing the soldier and focusing on more important things such as the thousands of troops he has to take care of, he focused on the soldier, he felt sympathetic, its like you being told to stomp on an ant but you value the ant 's life thinking all life is…show more content…
The third and final trait a hero must have is the ability to recognize when he/she must change due to their actions being immoral or destructive. An example of this Jules WInnfield from the comedy 'Pulp Fiction ' written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. In the film, Jules, a hired killer and his partner, Vincent are hired to kill a man ,named Brett who transgressed the mobster Jules was hired by, and to recover a suitcase from Brett. Jules and Vincent drive to his apartment and let themselves into his apartment. The duo kill Brett, find the suitcase and are about to leave until a man hiding inside the bathroom attempts to kill the two. Though at point blank range, the man misses all 6 shots and the pair quickly neutralize him. Jules thinks it is a sign of god that he should stop living 'the life ' (The job of being a professional killer) and quits 'the life ' hoping to maybe travel to Europe or just go with where life takes him, while realizing all the people he killed and all the destruction he lay waste to.(Pulp) This example displays the third trait of heroism because though Jules 's job is to kill people, he eventually realizes that though he collects money and nothing disastrous has happened to him or any of his loved ones, that what he is doing is wrong. He recognizes that he killed countless people and that he presumably left crying families and several other problems other people had to solve. He found out that he could be doing much more
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