Erwin Totschmeid: A Short Story

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The morning bell rang on a Monday morning in a private highschool found in suburban America. The last person racing in the door was Erwin Totschmeid. He spent the previous night hunched over his keyboard playing an MMO that had recently updated with a new raid. It was Erwin 's first attempt at the raid and to put it simply it didn 't go great. After several hours of bashing thier heads against a seemingly unbeatable second phase, the raid party decided it would be best to temporarily retreat and attempt to gain levels. Erwin agreed to this yet he decided rather than sleep at the already late time of midnight he would spend several hours grinding levels. Erwin 's impulsive decision led to an apathetic response to his morning alarm and caused the current sprint to towards the classroom.…show more content…
Erwin, right before walking into the door, drops his speed down to a brisk walk an trots into the classroom as if he wasn 't sprinting.To any immediate onlookers the thin layer of sweat that covered Erwins brow gave away his past ordeal but Erwin quickly wiped away the sweat with his uniforms

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