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This story will be about a group of mobsters that are destined to go to prison, but find a surprise while trying to escape. The group contains Michael “Finn” O 'Leary, Albert “Weasel” Arlington, Salvatore “Sal” DeLuca, and Billy Handsome. The second paragraph will be about how they got into Alcatraz. The third paragraph will be about them planning the escape. The fourth paragraph will be about them waking up to the destroyed prison. The fifth paragraph will be about the escape from Alcatraz and what they would go on to do. Finally the sixth paragraph will be the conclusion.

These four mobsters always were looking for trouble. So one day they decided to plan a bank heist. So they spent months getting the right equipment, so they figured it was the right time. The plan was a go and so they went to the bank, but word had got out so after they went inside and got the money they went to go to the escape vehicle, and the cops were waiting there. But they were not going down without a fight. So they started shooting, and they got a path cleared to the car. So they led the police on a high speed chase, but they underestimated
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There were zombies and the only people that were alive were Sal, Weasel, Billy, and Finn. So they had to fight off the undead and they would run into ways to get out but weasel, weasel always has been try to kill off the crew one by one. So they had to make a trap and eliminate him before something bad happened. So they did and it was time to escape.

So they made a plane and they flew it out of the prison and they all split up. Sal went on to live until he died at an old age. Billy also survived to the end. Finn had a hard time keeping up with them, but he died trying to save Sal and Billy.

The four were imprisoned. Then they tried to escape. Then there were zombies. Weasel tried to kill the crew, but they got him first. Sal, Billy, and Finn escaped. But Finn died saving Sal and

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