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One of the Main problems America faces deals with Disease. The growing burden of chronic disease and unaffordable healthcare are the leading causes of disability and death in the United States. America is number 50 on life span expectancy and this is shocking because even though we have some of the best treatments and medicines we don’t prevent chronic diseases that are avoidable with simple lifestyle changes. After watching the Escape Fire Documentary, I realized how this affected everyone and that I needed to know more about my families’ health and ways I can prevent chronic diseases I may be susceptible too because of genetics or lifestyle choices. Before I didn’t think my family had any diseases that were genetically passed down or ran…show more content…
Just from looking at me you wouldn’t be able to tell I have a Caucasian Grandfather, and a mixed mother. Personally, I suffer from allergies and chronic gastroenteritis also known as Gastritis type A, which caused my vitamin deficiency, weakens the immune system and makes me more likely to get cancer. On my mother’s side of the family things like allergies, back and knee problems run in the family. More chronic diseases on my mother’s side would be Gastroesophageal reflux disease or (GERD) which my grandmother age 67 has, my aunt age 40 has cystic Fibrosis of the ovaries which prevents her from having kids, in 2015 she had another surgery done which she has been getting done since her adolescence. Scoliosis which both my mother and grandmother have and my grandfather is completely healthy. My mother and maternal grandmother received chiropractic care for their scoliosis, they also wore back braces in their childhood. On my father’s side, I noticed more deaths from chronic disease. My father is Haitian and African American so some of the disease that these races tend to get have been the ones I’ve seen on my health portrait. My parental grandfather died from heart disease at 63, my grandmother died from Lung cancer at 35 and my uncle died from clotting at 55. All of which are some of the top chronic diseases in America. After I…show more content…
To answer these questions, I researched each disease and asked each person how they think they got the disease and what they would’ve changed so that never got the disease in the first place. My paternal grandfather had a heart disease and my grandmother had lung cancer. I asked my father how he thinks his parents could’ve prevented their deaths from these diseases and he said my grandmother smoked cigarettes and my grandfather didn’t like to go to the doctor. Simple changes could’ve saved my grandparents life but like I learned in the Escape Fire Documentary even if people know they know how to prevent a disease they are sometimes too stubborn to help themselves. My maternal uncle is 45 and the only person in our family with diabetes type 2, he is a veteran, smokes cigarettes and doesn’t take his medicine correctly which adds to him not being that healthy and his condition getting worst. My maternal grandmother and I both suffer from intestinal illnesses but my family doctor said her having (GERD) which is a digestive disorder caused by acid reflux didn’t make me more likely to get or caused me to get Gastritis. My grandmother has received treatment and changed her diet to help her manage her symptoms. To help with my gastritis I have also changed my diet and take a medication when needed for certain

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