Escape Fire Analysis

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In the film Escape Fire the Fight to Rescue American Healthcare, there were many insightful examples of why our Unites States healthcare revolves around paying more and getting less. The system is designed to treat diseases rather than preventing them and promoting wellness. In our healthcare industry, there are many different contributors that provide and make up our system. These intermediaries include suppliers, manufacturers, consumers, patients, providers, policy and regulations. All these members have a key role in the functionality of the health care industry; however, each role has its positives and negatives. Each person with an occupation in the healthcare industry is doing their designated job as assigned, but it’s evident that the system’s design is flawed to its core. The film begins with a fire, that takes place in 1949, spreading 600 feet per minute trapping 15 firefighters. A man named Wagner “Wag” Dodge survived because when the rest of the crew went right, Dodge went left. Dodge saw the fire coming towards him and instead of running the opposite direction, he decided to make another fire in the shape of a circle around him thus, assembling the wildfire to surround him and this allowed him to survive. From Dodge’s personal…show more content…
Our health insurance gives discounts based upon if the individual is a nonsmoker, exercises daily and age. Pinching people’s pockets is the only way to get them to make lifestyle changes. If we implement a way in which Medicare covers most costs, then it’ll become a standard of care and start to rescue the healthcare system we have today. I believe that changing our system is possible, it just starts with taking an interest in the patient, following up weekly and asking how everything is going. It takes that initial conversation that we have to change our health care system and make it the
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