Escape In The Handmaids Tale

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Imagine having no option other than breaking the government laws to survive. In the novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, written by Margaret Atwood in the new society, Republic of Gilead, a strict government is established. Offred is ultimately trying to survive with the new laws that were implemented. Therefore, the quest for survival leads to breaking laws as expressed through the tone of Offred, foreshadowing Offred and her daughter attempted escape, and plot twist of Serena Joy. In the novel, Offred is considered a trustworthy person, but throughout the novel, she loses “trust” ordinarily it is emphasized by the tone that she describes her stories because she is trying to survive by breaking laws. For instance, the doctor was doing an Offred’s…show more content…
Furthermore, Nick finds Offred in the sitting room and he indicates “He wants to so see you” in which Offred responds “The commander, it must be. See me? What…show more content…
During Luke and Offred attempting to escape with their daughter, they were running through the wood and “I can see her, going away from me...holding out her arms to me, being carried away”(Atwood 75). The narrator previously mentions her daughter getting stolen in the market. The disappearance is being foreshadowed since she got her taken for a moment. Nick at the end is trying to help Offred survive therefore he states “It’s all right. It’s Mayday. Go with them”(Atwood 293). Ofglen had told her about Mayday, to only use it if she had to. When they come for Offred Nick tells her it is them, so she abides and goes which indicates it was some sort of rescue since it is the first time she heard it being used. Through the foreshadowing, the quest for survival leads to breaking laws by Offred attempting to escape, but her daughter got captured and used “Mayday” to obey and leave the

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