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The book escaping the giant wave by peg kehret is about two how survive earthquake fire and a tsunami while on vacation. The main characters are kyle his little sister beebee and the bully daren. Some other characters are norm ,joise and their dog pansy who help them survive .the setting of the book is fisher beach oregon.The theme of survival because of the natural disasters and how to stand up to bullies. In the beginning kyle made four summer goals. 1 raise his batting average. 2 learn how to pop a wheelie on his scooter. 3 to get his mom and dad to raise his allowance. 4 make daren stop bullying kyle. Kyle 's dad won a ceremony award to fisher beach in oregon. they get there and they got a hotel with darren and his family . Kyle…show more content…
They tripped over a person then Kyle got closer then he said it 's Daren! He had passed out and Kyle and BeeBee helped Daren get out of the hotel. But when daren awoke he did not listen to the warning. So Darn thot he would be safer by the water. But then the KILLER WAVE CAME!!!!! Daren got swept away by it. Then the water picked him up then put him on the totem pole Inn. In the end Kyle, Beebee keep running inland because a second wave was coming.kyle and pany and beebee hind a big tree till morning in a dog sandwich.But Josie had died from the water.Kyle and beebee found footprints in the sand but beebee ran up to them people said have you seen are grandson Beebee said no. They found a tent and people were in a line to find someone they might have lost someone from the wave. Then one of the workers said if anyone has any family on the boat.But then all of a sudden kyle’s parents came off the boat. My opinion I would rate this book 5 out of 5 because it was interesting to read and the best book ever.My favorite character is kyle because he keep calm and did what he was supposed to do.My favorite part was were kyle and beebee meet norm and josie and pansy.I was surprised when jose was killed by the water.If i was kyle i would have done the same thing as him and more inland.I am more like kyle because i always stay calm during natural

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