Escapism In Romeo And Juliet Analysis

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Was it actually possible for Romeo and Juliet to fall in love? The answer is no. Romeo and Juliet were so young, and Romeo is getting over a breakup. They are both also looking for escapism. Romeo and Juliet were not in love because they barely knew each other, Romeo just got over a breakup, and they were both looking for escapism. Romeo and Juliet were not in love. They scarcely knew each other, and they were just adolescents. Even Juliet's father, Lord Capulet thought she was too young, he even says, “My daughter is still very young. She’s not even fourteen years old.”(1.2.7-8). When he was saying this he was having a conversation with Paris about Paris marrying Juliet, but the fact that he even considers that she is still young for marriage still determines a lot. This is also saying that adults, even had the impression that they were too young. Another logic reason they didn’t know each other was because they didn’t even know that they…show more content…
They weren't just looking for escapism from their families, but also Juliet was seeking for a way to escape marrying Paris. When Romeo figures out who Juliet is he says to himself, “My life is in the hands of my enemy.”(1.5.118). This is stating that his life depends on Juliet his worst enemy, which is also kind of stating that this might be his way of escaping from the family brawls. Also Juliet talks about how she is in love with her worst rival. But even before Juliet knew it was Romeo she said, “If he’s married, I think I’ll die rather than marry anyone else.”(1.5.134-135). She is saying that if this individual she just met is married, she rather die than marry anyone else, but when she gets told that its Romeo she knows he's not married but it is her worst rival. So Juliet could use this to escape marrying Paris, but also escape the family feuds. They weren’t in love because they were using this marriage to escape their families and other
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