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EVOS Food Creations, Inc. (styled ēvōs) is a chain of franchised fast food restaurants founded in Tampa, Florida. The company operates 3 locations in Florida. The name "EVOS" derives from the word, "evolve". The idea for EVOS came when co-founder Dino Lambridis and friends were unable to find a fast, healthy lunch during a trip to Miami. Lambridis has asserted, "We have an extremely one of a kind idea that doesn 't exist in the marketplace. EVOS stores are made with supportable materials, their bundling is biodegradable, and their ingredients are all Fair Trade Certified. Evos penetrated in Uzbekistan market in 2011 with successfully formulated strategy and well implement phase, as it started to attract a lot of customer with its fast service,…show more content…
• Ensuring a quality product.
• Providing excellent service.
• Creating lasting relationships with its employees and the communities within which it operates.
EVOS fast food vision explanation is as per the following: "General vision is for EVOS to wind up noticeably an advanced, dynamic lavash organization conveying a contemporary client encounter. Present day is tied in with getting the brand to where we should be today and dynamic is tied in with doing what it takes to be the EVOS 's clients will expect tomorrow. To understand this dedication, they are centered around conveying incredible tasting, superb sustenance to our clients and giving an around nation class encounter that influences them to feel welcome and esteemed.
Order qualifiers are the basic criteria the product meets to quality for selling. Order winners are the criteria that win the customers when it comes to purchasing. Figure 3 shows the order qualifiers and order winning criteria’s for
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Services – Free delivery, good locations of Evos chains, experienced staff.
Support activities:
Firm infrastructure – all equipments are belongs to the company, high development kitchen equipment for providing best quality of products
Human resource management – experience staff who is able to manage all the work individually and in team, reward systems
Technology development – high developed technology eqipments for payment systems and controlling process.
Evos has a well-developed supply chain model that ensures all inbound purchases are managed centrally across all the branches. This entity supplies to all Evos branches give effectively key advantage:
• With a centralized buying department, the Evos is able to control its buying power, and is able to negotiate the best costs for its purchases. It also leads to supplier to want tie into Evos supplu cahin services.
• Economies of scale: Evos is also able to use its buying power to hedge suitable prices, when commodities prices fluctuate, as it gives for the company a better bargaining power over
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