Escher's Death In Beowulf

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A screaming comes across the sky. Escher had been slain. Overcome with joy following Grendel’s death, Hrothgar and his men cavorted, drank, and told stories of previous kings in Herot, not knowing of the danger to come. The mother of the nefarious beast planned to obtain her revenge upon the victorious prince, who had murdered her son that evening1. In the dead of night, Grendel’s mother, possessed by greed2, visited Herot to take only a single life, aware of her subordinate strength against the soldiers. Upon hearing of Escher’s death, whom he shared propinquity with3, Hrothgar became distraught with grief and anger, only to be revived by the words of the mighty prince, Beowulf. Instead of a eulogy, Beowulf articulated the necessity of avenging
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