Esperanza In The House On Mango Street

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In the House on Mango Street and The Grapes of Wrath the two main characters have grown in many similar and different ways. Esperanza is a Mexican American girl who grows up in Latin American based neighborhood where she learns new things every day. Tom Joad has just been released from the McAlester State Penitentiary where he just served 4 years. Esperanza and Tom Joad are two main characters from separate stories who have changed for the better of themselves with many similarities and differences along the way. Tom Joad starts off the novel as a person that only cares for himself, his wellbeing, and self-centered. By the end of the novel he is a whole different person who actually cares for things and people other than himself. After coming out of prison he realized that he needed to change and become a man who put his family’s needs before his and he did with help along the way. Although Joad struggled in the beginning because he had just been released from prison he grew throughout the story of the moving with his family. He realized his family really…show more content…
They are two very similar characters. They both had people guide them along the way of their life transition. Esperanza and Tom changed into whole new different people with experience and influence. Tom changed into a family oriented person. Esperanza changed into a wiser more mature person. These two characters went through a lot of struggles to get to where they wanted to be. The House On Mango Street and The Grapes Of Wrath are stories about people who start off struggling and not somewhere they want to be in life. These stories have many things in common along with many different things. The main people in the stories conquer their struggle and move on to be better more mature people. Everybody learns from their mistakes it may take a while and it may take help from others to understand why but at the end the goal is
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